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What is the resolution unit range and wrap around for Energy counters displayed on PM9C

Regarding the roll over of PM9C, please note that the energy counters are displayed with 8 digits. Resolution unit and wrap around depend on the CTxPT product value according to the table as attached. 
Regarding the CT & PT ratio mentioned in PM9C, as shown in the manual, it would be the ratio of net value (i.e. if CT ratio is 50:5, the value should be 10). So take installation manual's CT & PT ratio example for this example, if CT ratio = 100/5 while PT ratio = 690/100 
i.e. CT = 20 while PT= 6.9 
thus CT * PT = 20*6.9 = 138 in this case. Then it would fall into 3rd category of the attached table in this case. 
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