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What is the parameter for Lexium 32 range of servo drives to reverse the direction motor rotation.

If drive is Lexium 32C** range, it could be possible via HMI display of LXM32. For this, go to the
CONF menu ==> ACG menu ==> ,nN0 parameter. Actually this is parameter called "InvertDirOfMove"
which is at 0 at default means "Inversion OFF" . If this parameter is changed  to 1 means "inversion ON" then
direction of motor movement will be inverted.
For LXM32C range of servo drives parameter ""InvertDirOfMove" can also be modified via modbus communication
at its register address 1560

If drive is of LXM32A** range or LXM32M** range then this parameter has to be modified via SoMoveLite or
Lexium CT configuration software as below.


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