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What are the priority level of alarms can be configured in PM820

 Each alarm has a priority level. Use the priorities to distinguish between events that require immediate action and those that do not require action.
•    High priority—if a high priority alarm occurs, the display informs you in two ways: the LED backlight on the display flashes until you 
acknowledge the alarm and the alarm icon blinks while the alarm is active.
•    Medium priority—if a medium priority alarm occurs, the alarm icon blinks only while the alarm is active. Once the alarm 
becomes inactive, the alarm icon stops blinking and remains on the display.
•    Low priority—if a low priority alarm occurs, the alarm icon blinks only while the alarm is active. Once the alarm becomes inactive, 
the alarm icon disappears from the display.
•    No priority—if an alarm is setup with no priority, no visible representation will appear on the display. Alarms with no priority 
are not entered in the Alarm Log.
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