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How to setup PM820 relay output for under voltage alarm

To set up the own alarms for default KY digital output or even after installing an input/output module (PM8M2222) via display. For example, you may need to use 
alarm under voltage to trigger output KY relay of PM820. 
2). Enter the maximum value PU mag=400/OK; pick-up delay PU delay=1/OK; drop-out value DO Mag=390/OK; drop-out delay DO delay=1/OK 
3). Press up button and select "YES" to save the change. 
4). Go to MAINT>SETUP>I/O>D OUT (digital out)-->KY /EDIT/NORM/OK/change EXT. to ALARM 
5). Press to select alarm type: UNDER VAB, to active the alarm, press + until asterisks appears like: ** AL-XX** 
6). Press up button and select "YES" to save the change. In this way customer is able to customize their own alarm. The contact is as NO mode. 
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