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How can we check the cable fault from Sepam MET148-2 module for temperature sensor inputs to Motor sensor (PT 100 or Ni 100).

The temperature monitoring function provided by Sepam T81, T82, T87, M81, M87, M88, G82, G87, G88, C86 units checks the connection of each RTD that is configured. 
An "RTD FAULT" alarm is generated whenever one of the RTDs is detected as being short-circuted or disconnected (absent). 
To identify the faulty RTD or RTDs: 
1. Display the temperature values measured by Sepam using the SFT2841 software. 
2. Check the consistency of the temperatures measured: 
a. the temperature displayed is "****" if the RTD is short-circuited (T < -35 °C or T < -31° F).
b. the temperature displayed is "-****" if the RTD is disconnected (T > 205 °C or T > 401° F). 
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