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When we use AlarmAck(1,-1) function in vijeo citect 7.2 alarm ack done properly,  but when I tried the same function in VJC v7.30 it didn`t work well.  I want to Acknowledge alarm in VJC V7.3 with a function.  

This AlarmAck functioning got changed now from this Ver 7.30 , which was updated in the help file on this AlarmAck function .
So now if you Set the Value to -1 to acknowledge all (displayed) alarm lists on the active page only. Now this only applies to
alarm lists created using AlarmDsp (and not those created using AlarmDspLast). Now you can not able to use this function to
acknowledge the alarms on a Summary page.
So when you tried the same function AlarmAck( 1, -1) on a active alarm page this works fine, but not with alarm summary page.
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