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Can we install Vijeo Designer RunTime in a standard PC

Vijeo Designer Runtime is a software to execute and operate the application created for HMI application in iPC (Industrial PC)
or in standard PC.
By default Vijeo Designer Runtime is installed in Demo Mode in iPC series of targets for 21 days period only after that it is
mandatory to register in order to use this. As far as Standard PC is concern there is no demo mode available for standard PC
you will have to Register first in order to use Vijeo Designer Runtime on Standard PC. 

Apart from preinstalled version of Vijeo Designer Runtime in iPC series if you want to Run this software in other PC's you will
have to purchase the license of Vijeo Designer Runtime which is available as two difference refences depending on PC type:

o    Magelis iPC (ref. VJDSNRTMPC)
o    Standard PC (ref. VJDSNRTSPC)

Please take note that the license, once registered in one PC cannot be transferred from one PC to another. 

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