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How to Synchronize Real Time Clock of Twido PLC from external Time source.

The Real Time Clock in Twido PLC can only be written by writing date and time system words of PLC. The system words are
dedicated for date and time are from %SW50 to %SW53. Where:
%SW50 denote the value in 00SS Seconds in BCD 
%SW51 denotes HHMM Hour and minute in BCD 
%SW52 denotes MMDD Month and day in BCD 
%SW53 denotes CCYY Century and year in BCD
These words are controlled by the system when bit %S50 is at 0. These words can be written by the user program or by the
terminal when bit %S50 is set to 1. On a falling edge of %S50 the controller’s internal RTC is updated from the values written
in these words.
Thus in your application program you will have to write a logic to read value of Date and Time from external time source and
move the same value in System Words as mentioned above. 
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