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While upgrading the VJC project, when we opens a process analysts trend page in runtime then the trend tag values are not showing updated values.

When you upgrade your VJC software version then, you may get such errors as in previous versions of Vijeo Citect, the animation system waited for valid data from all
subscriptions before drawing the page. If the data took longer than a defined time to arrive, then the page was drawn with “#COM” in place of the missing data items.
With the released  software version v7.20 allows you to animate pages immediately, using any available cached values/qualities, and using 0
values (with “bad” quality status and “waiting for initial data” sub-status) for any data items that are not immediately available. As subscription notifications are
received, the updated values are used.Similarly the Process Analyst ActiveX is waiting for data from the trend server, if you set the INI
parameter value [Page]WaitforValidData = 0 then this issue will be fixed.
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