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For the Vijeo Citect SCADA we have a requirement of the communication protocol of IEC 101 and 104. What are the necessary requirements for this communication

For using IEC 101 & 104 driver with Vijeo Citect you can use the IEC870-5-104 driver of Vijeo Citect SCADA which communicates with most IEC870-5-104 compatible devices, but 
this IEC870-5-104 drive has cost, you need to buy a separate license for this driver which will adds on your Vijeo Citect Server license key. 

We do not have any dedicated driver for IEC 101 protocol but the IEC60870-5-101 protocol (recently renamed from IEC870-5-101) is primarily used in the utilities industry for
communications with RTUs and IEDs. This is a standard that is quite popular in Europe, and is similar to the DNP3.0 protocol which is generally popular in USA, Australia and New Zealand
for which we have a dedicated driver in Vijeo Citect . So this DNP3.0 is a free driver and already available with Vijeo Citect Software. 

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