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I want to retain my Alarm summary even after power recycle in my HMI, how to achieve this.

Each alarm group can have 2 such alarm buffers: one for History alarm events (size defined by the "Num of History Alarms" 
property) and one for Log alarm events (size defined by the "Number of Log Alarms" property). 

These alarm buffers are stored in the DRAM (Dynamic RAM: similar to the RAM of a PC) of the target. Therefore, if the target is 
turned off, the alarm buffers are wiped out. If you need them to be saved even when the target is turned off, you can enable the 
"Backup Alarm Group" property (at the global alarm level). This way, these alarm buffers will be stored in the DRAM and in the 
SRAM (Static RAM: doesn`t get wiped out when the target is turned off) as well. 
So you need to set the "Backup Alarm Group" to "Yes" in your project backup. 

Since the size of these alarm buffers is limited (the maximum value for the "Num of History Alarms" and "Num of Log Alarms" 
properties is 10000), they won`t always contain the whole history of alarm events on the target. To obtain that behavior, 
you can enable the "Save To File" property (at the alarm group level). This way, the alarm events will be saved into Excel 
files (on the CF card) and these Excel files will contain the whole history of alarm events for the corresponding alarm 
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