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What are the different ways of configuring the IP address of STB NIP 2212.

As a node on a TCP/IP network, the STB NIP 2212 requires a valid 32-bit IP address. The IP address can be:

1. MAC-based default IP address
2. assigned by an network server, including:
       a) BootP server
       b) DHCP server
3. customer-configured using the STB NIP 2212 web pages
1. The MAC address for an STB NIP 2212 is located on the front bezel under the Ethernet port.
A MAC address is stored in hexadecimal format. The numbers in the MAC address must be converted from hexadecimal to decimal notation
to derive the default IP address. Use the following steps:

Step Action
1 A MAC address comprises six pairs of hex values, e.g., 00 00 54 10 01 02. Ignore the first two pairs: 00 00.
2 Identify a pair, e.g., 54.
3 Multiply the first number, 5 by 16. (5 x 16 = 80).
4 Add the second number, 4 (80 + 4 = 84).
An IP address is derived from the MAC address only when the IP address is not otherwise provided by:
a BootP server
a DHCP server
a user configured IP setting
After getting the MAC address you can connect to NIP putting the IP address of PC in the same subnet.

2. Server-Assigned IP Addresses

A server-assigned IP address may be obtained from either a BootP or a DHCP server. A BootP server must be invoked
using either BOOTP position on the lower rotary switch. A DHCP-served IP address is associated with a role name. To
obtain the IP address for NIP the appropriate server must reside on the network.

3. Customer-Configured IP Address
If your STB NIP 2212 does not have a role name, you can configure an IP address directly on the Configured IP web page.
To change the IP address of a new NIP module you must first obtain the IP address from MAC address as explained above
and then after successfully establishing the communication with PC follow the below step to configure user defined IP address.
a) Type the IP address of NIP in Internet Explorer (Make sure that security setting is set to lower and JAVA is enabled).
b) Type USER as User Name and USER as Password in the credential field. (Credentials as Case sensitive).
c) Click on Configuration Menu on the webpage and select Configured IP.
d) Put the desired IP address and Click on save button.
e) Set the Rotary Switch on NIP to Internal position.
f) After Putting the IP address in NIP make sure to give a power cycle to island and it will now accept the new IP address.
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