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How we can communicate Power Logic SCADA ( PLS ) with Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1100 PLC having a TCPIP Port.

You can use the ABMLXEIP driver in Power Logic SCADA for communicating llen Bradley MicroLogix 1100 PLC , this ABMLXEIP driver will not be available by default with
Power Logic  SCADA as this Software is mainly used for the Power/Electrical/Substation type of the application so these process PLCprotocols were not available with this software. 

You can use the same driver ABMLXEIP as for Vijeo Citect  in PLS also for this communication. As this driver is free of cost & no separate license is
required for this to use with PLS. You need to simply download this driver from the given below link & install this driver on you PLS System.
Kindly close all the other applications of PLS like Runtime, Explorer etc before installing this driver. 

You need to do all the communication settings same as VJC . 

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