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How to define Internet Protecol (IP) subnet mask based on the IP address classes in Sepam device

 IP addresses are classified on 4 classes: 
Class A: IP@ 0.x.x.x to 127.x.x.x 
Class B: IP@ 128.x.x.x to 191.x.x.x 
Class C: 192.x.x.x to 239.x.x.x 
Class D: 224.x.x.x to 239.x.x.x 
Each IP address Class has a different default IP subnet mask: 
Class A: 
Class B: 
Class C: 
e.g. If your device IP address is Class C type (IP =, you can only use Class C type IP subnet mask. This means that you can use the following IP subnet masks: 

Refer the attached IP address classes for reference.
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