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How to send a soft reset command to an EGX100 via. modbus client software

A soft reset to an Ethernet Gateway (EGX) does not clear any settings.  The device basically restarts the internal processes and programs.  It only causes the device to disconnect any inbound Ethernet connections and will run through the basic startup procedure.  The LED's will flash on and off as if the unit is being powered up.  This is not the same thing as a Hard reset which occurs only when power is lost to the unit.  This soft reset can be useful when experiencing issues on the Ethernet side of communications.  
Modbus "Tester" software or some other Modbus TCP/IP program (like Modscan) can be used to send a soft reset.
To send a soft reset to an EGX100 use address 254 and write a decimal 1110 to register 2800.
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