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In Quantum PLC how can we Read & Write data directly to the memory card

For Modicon Quantum platform,  in Unity  there are two memory card management function blocks WRITE_U_PCMCIA & READ_U_PCMCIA.
The READ_U_PCMCIA function transfers data from the user memory card archiving zone to the PLC RAM memory and WRITE_U_PCMCIA
function transfers data from the PLC's RAM memory to the user memory card archiving zone. Both these functions enables to address the
PLC zone's beginning to be copied to the PCMCIA card up to 65 535 range of addresses.

This example shows how to use the READ_U_PCMCIA and WRITE_U_PCMCIA function blocks by:
  • Writing values from words (%MW100 to %MW109) to a memory card.
  • Reading values from the memory card to words (%MW110 and %MW119).

NOTE: In this example, to use those function blocks, a memory card must be connected into the PLC. In this example, the TSX MRP C007M SRAM
memory card is connected into the upper slot A of the CPU (parameter SLOT = 0 for the functions blocks). In addition, for data storage purposes, the
CPU is configured with 2000 kB of memory.
NOTE: The data storage is used for READ_U_PCMCIA and WRITE_U_PCMCIA function blocks. The 2000 kB of data storage represents:

2000KB*1024=2048000 Bytes

The READ_U_PCMCIA and WRITE_U_PCMCIA functions are working with word addresses:

2048000 Bytes / 2 = 1024000 Words
Addresses from 0 to 1024000 for the memory card can be used.

In the MAST section of the program, program as follows:
  • The memory card is connected into slot 0.
  • The WRITE_U_PCMCIA function writes 10 words to address 10000 on the memory card from %MW100.
  • The READ_U_PCMCIA reads 10 words from address 10000 on the memory card to %MW110.

Then the representation of WRITE_U_PCMCIA and READ_U_PCMCIA in ST language is as below:
WRITE_U_PCMCIA (0,10000,10,100,Status_write);
READ_U_PCMCIA (0,10000,10,110,Status_read)

You can then T
est the Example by using animation tables with words: %MW100 to %MW119, the values from %MW100 to %MW109 are copied
to %MW110 to %MW119 via the memory card.
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