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In TSX ETY 4103 module how can I stop io scanning service from unity pro

In unity premium for controlling ETY module services you need to either configure implicit (IO Scanning) or explicit (by using READ_VAR or other inbuilt communications EFB's). For stopping the ety module services while using IO Scanning you need to use Device Control Block functionality within IO Scanner once you have configured few nodes in the IO scanner.

If this device control block box within IO Scanner is checked, and the device control block bit for particular node is enabled then only master can send requests to a slave. If the box is not checked, the device control block functionality is disabled and all I/O scanner table entries are active at all times.

If a Device Control Block bit for a particular node is disabled, the I/O scanner closes the connection and sets the health bit to an unhealthy state (bit value = 1), hence terminating the ETY module services for that particular nodes.

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