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Do we have any Schneider CPU that support freeport protocol.

In M340 range of plc  you can use character mode for a protocol independent communication between two devices. Character mode is a point-to-point mode of data exchange between two entities which is no protocol specific. Unlike Modbus Protocol, it does not establish hierarchically structured serial link communications or offer services via function codes. Character Mode is asynchronous. Each item of textual information is sent or received character by character at irregular time intervals. The time taken by the exchanges can be determined from the following properties:
  • One or two end-of-frame characters.
  • Timeout.
  • Number of characters.
Schneider's M340 BMX P34 1000/2000/2010/20102/2020 Processors serial port can be configured for character mode communication on RS 485 (full duplex) & RS 232 (half duplex) mode. In character mode using this port user can send / receive character strings. Additionally you can use in built blocks in plc program for swapping between different protocols available within these cpu range. Using these blocks user can switch between the following three protocols:  Modbus Slave, Modbus Master, Character Mode.
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