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Can we adjust number of communication requests processed per master task cycle in Modicon Quantum

For modicon Quantum you can configure the server resources using %SW90 system word.  This word is used to set a maximum number of requests (all protocols included: UNI-TE, Modbus, etc.) which can be processed by the server of the PLC per master task cycle. (Requests sent by the PLC as client are not concerned.) This number of requests must be between a minimum and a maximum (defined as N+4) depending on the model. The number of requests to be processed per cycle should take into account requests from all communication ports (having access to the server). This means that requests from other clients than
communication EFs, like IO Scanner, connected HMI and so on, should also be taken into account. For Quantum range:

140 CPU 31••/43••/53••/: N = 10 (minimum 5, maximum 10 + 4 = 14),
140 CPU 6••: N = 20 (minimum 5, maximum 20 + 4 = 24)
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