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What are the possible ways which I can use for communicating VJC SCADA with Siemens S7 300 PLC over ethernet.

For communicating Siemens PLC & Vijeo Citect you have the following option :

>> Using Citect`s PSDirect driver .

The PSDIRECT driver is a native CitectSCADA driver that communicates with Siemens S5 and S7 PLCs without the need for any specific Siemens hardware or software. This driver communicate over Ethernet (tcp/ip) with Siemen`s CP343-1 Lean+, CPU 315-2 PN/DP module.

Note : This PSDirect Driver is not included in free drivers that comes along with Citect Software. You have to purchase separate license from Schneider for this driver which will be added to your Vijeo Citect `s license key.

>> Using Citect`s S7NT Driver.

S7NT driver is used to communicate over Ethernet with either the S7-300 (via CP 343-1 module) . In the PC you can use a standard Ethernet card and the Siemens Softnet S7 software. You configure the communication settings for the S7 communication in the Siemens COML S7 and the Siemens "Setting the PG/PC interface" utilities.
You can also use S7NT driver to communicate Siemens PLC over MPI & Profibus protocol but you need Siemens Softnet S7 software.

This S7NT Driver is included in free drivers that comes along with Citect Software but you need to purchase separate Siemens Softnet S7 software.

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