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What would be the behavior of the Acti9 Smartlink system in case of power loss auxillary 24VDC supply.

Smartlink is insensitive to voltage disruptions up to 10ms.
If the voltage is less than 19.2 VDC (24 VDC -20%) for more than 10 ms, Acti 9 Smartlink enters degraded mode.
Positioning of all outputs to zero. However, the auxiliary control Acti9 (iACT24, iATL24, Reflex iC60, RCA) distinguish event of power loss of an actual order. They do not change that status.
The stored values ​​for all counters can be in the worst case those corresponding to 10 minutes before cutting.
The time between two writes to the EEPROM is 10 minutes. Previously written data in the memory are not changed during the power outage.
The values ​​of power (or flow) calculated are not saved.
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