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How we can manually backup alarm and trend files periodically. What is the procedure to backup alarm and trend files and restore them on Vijeo Citect display.

You can do trends backup & restore. For the alarms you can take backup but the restore of the alarms in runtime will not be available. The following are the possible ways to do this : 

For Trends : 

You can take the trends backup e.g. if you created a trend tag with name "TrendTag1" then you will get the files in data folder with name "TrendTag1.HST", "TrendTag1.000", "TrendTag1.001", "TrendTag1.002" etc as per the time and period that you have defined in the trend tag configurations. So you can save them in a seperate drive for backup and when you want to restore then with help of the "TrnAddHistory" function you can be able to again add the backup trned files in the VJC runtime . The details of the TrnAddHistory function will be available in help file. 

For Alarms : 

You can take the alarms backup by enabling the optional logging of the alarms using device and you will get the alarms logged in text , excel or dbf format as per the configurations of the time & period like weekly, fortnightly, monthly etc. Now you can save these file in separate drive and can view them as and when required externally, but there is no way you can restore these alarms back in VJC runtime. Only you can view them externally. 

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