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What would be the recommendation for the memory allocation, time interval / tag limits for data logging that we need to consider before configuring the project in XBTGT Series HMI .

There are no such specified limit or recommendation of the time interval/ tag limit for data logging but the thumb rule is for the memory consumption i.e. if a user application's memory requirements are nearing the memory limits for the target machine, application performance can deteriorate. For good performance, you should allocate a buffer of 10% to 20% of memory and disk space—more if you plan to upgrade the application in the future. So we have the below recommendation for the data logging : 

1. Always try to use optional drive or CF card for data logging. 
2. Try to sort the important tags group-wise which needs to be logged every second , 5 mins, 15 mins etc as per the application requirements. 
3. Take a buffer of 10 to 20 % of memory and disk space , to test your application's SRAM and DRAM memory requirements, see Section 25.3.3, Checking Memory Usage in VJD help files.
4. Also try to optimize your project as per the recommendations provided in help section Appendix >> 7. Project Optimization.

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