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How to get the diagnostics information for implicit & explicit messages in M340 Ethernet modules.

Ethernet communication has the following IODDT for diagnostics information:
T_COM_ETH_BMX: specific to modules with Ethernet communication.
IODDTs are predefined by the manufacturer and contain input/output language objects belonging to the channel of an application-specific module.
Each IODDT has a set of language objects that is used to control and check the operation of the IODDT. There are two types of language objects:
implicit: Implicit exchange objects are exchanged automatically on each cycle turn of the task associated with the module. These exchanges concern the states of modules, communication signals, slaves, etc.
explicit: Explicit exchange objects are exchanged at the request of the application, using explicit exchange instructions. These exchanges set parameters and diagnose the module.
This type of IODDT applies to the BMX P34 20x0 and BMX NOE 01x0 modules.
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