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In M340 PLC's can Web-enabled database be used to view and modify the run-time values of PLC symbols (variables) and direct addresses

FactoryCast is a software package that you use to customize a Web site on the Embedded Web Server module. The site can be accessed via a browser to view and modify data from a Modicon M340 programmable logic controller (PLC). FactoryCast provides the Web pages and Java applets you need to view run-time data from your controller. You can use the FactoryCast default Web site simply by configuring the module and accessing it with a browser over the intranet.
FactoryCast gives you two levels to customize the default Web site embedded in the PLC module.
  • Create a Web-enabled database to view and modify the run-time values of PLC symbols (variables) and direct addresses
  • Add your own Web pages to the site 

For Modicon M340, the FactoryCast components are integrated as follows:
This Component...
Is Used To...
BMX NOE 0110
Store the Web site on its Embedded Server.
Unity Pro 4.0 and higher
Program the controller.
Web Designer for Modicon M340
Configure the Web site, download data and maintain the site on the server.
Web browser (IE, Firefox...)
View the Web site.

The FactoryCast Server offers run-time monitoring and diagnostics via predefined Web pages. The features available include:
  • diagnostic tools:
    • a Rack Viewer that displays the status and configuration of the controller, embedded server module, and other option modules and I/O modules.
    • an Alarm Viewer that displays application events, when diagnostic properties are enabled in the PLC application.
  • monitoring tools:
    • a Data Editor that helps you view and modify variables (symbols and direct addresses).
    • a Graphics Editor that you can use to create and display graphical objects. Each graphical object can be linked to a variable or address in the embedded server.
    • a PLC Program Viewer that lets you monitor the PLC program during run-time.

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