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Does all ports of 140 NOC 78*00 can be configured for RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol)

Ethernet ports 3 and 4, located on the front of the 140 NOC 78• 00 head module, support the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP). RSTP is an OSI layer 2 protocol defined by IEEE 802.1D 2004. RSTP performs 2 services:
  • It creates a loop-free logical network path for Ethernet devices that are part of a topology that includes redundant physical paths.
  • It automatically restores network communication — by activating redundant links — in the event the network experiences a loss of service.
RSTP software, operating simultaneously in all network switches, obtains information from each switch, which enables the software to create a hierarchical logical network topology. RSTP is a flexible protocol that can be implemented on many physical topologies, including ring, mesh, or a combination of ring and mesh.

Use the RSTP → General and the RSTP → Advanced pages to configure RSTP for the embedded Ethernet switch in the 140 NOC 78• 00 head module.
NOTE: RSTP can be implemented only when all network switches are configured to support RSTP
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