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In Quantum ERIO system how to increase length of RIO network more than 100 meters apart without using DRS (dual-ring switch)

Using 140 NRP 312 00/01 fiber converter modules in a Quantum EIO network allows you to transition from copper to fiber cable then back again to copper cable.
140 NRP 312 00/01 modules can be used to extend the distance between the local rack and an RIO drop, between 2 RIO drops, or between primary and standby racks in a Hot Standby system.
140 NRP 312 00/01 fiber converter modules have 2 copper ports and 2 fiber ports. The fiber ports, in both multi-mode and single-mode modules, use LC-type connectors. One fiber port is used as the transmitter signal (Tx), and the other fiber port is used as the receiver signal (Rx).

140 NRP 312 00/01 fiber converter modules are an alternative method to using a dual-ring switch (DRS) to provide fiber optic communications in a Quantum EIO system. You can install 140 NRP 312 00/01 modules on Quantum local and RIO drops to:
  • extend the total length of the Quantum EIO network (RIO drops in separate areas of a factory that are more than 100 m apart)
  • improve noise immunity
  • resolve possible grounding issues when using different grounding methods is required between 2 buildings
There are 2 models of fiber converter modules, each supporting one type of fiber cable:
  • 140 NRP 312 00 supports multi-mode fiber cable.
  • 140 NRP 312 01 supports single-mode fiber cable.

Do not connect a 140 NRP 312 01 single-mode fiber converter module to a 140 NRP 312 00 multi-mode fiber converter module.
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