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Is it possible to change license type of SoMachine from single user type to Team type without un-installing the SoMachine. For example, MSDCHLLMUV31S0 to MSDDCHLLMTV31S0

Yes, it is possible to change the license type from single user to team without un-installation of SoMachine.
Follow below steps to do so
1.       First open License Manger to transfer the current license type and follow the steps to transfer it to either to another PC or to USB device.
2.       Post successfully transfer of the license from your PC , go to the control panel è program and features tab . click on SoMachine . Select option change.
3.       Program maintenance tab will appear with two options (1) Modify and (2) Repair
4.       Choose option Modify
5.       Product Information tab will appear. With these screen you can able to see the Part number and serial number of SoMachine software. This information is in read-only mode at present.
6.        Click on Change tab. With this click, you will be able to edit the part number of SoMachine and serial number. Choose the correct part number and serial number of license details relevant to it.
7.       Click Next and follow the steps.
This will complete the conversion of license type of SoMachine.
For details, refer to the attachment.
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