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In SoMachine how to check memory consumption of PLC in percentage

With SoMachine project to check the memory consumption perform Build All.

Build All will result in the messages appeared.

With this message, refer to the details of  "Memory area 4 contains data and code ". Largest contiguous memory gap" shows the memory area remained for user on RAM.

Attached snap is concerned about M238LFDC24DT, with this Memory area 4 contains data and code: Shows highest used address =  1048576 byets.
This is total memory avialble for user . For M238LFDC24DT 1048 Kbytes are avilable on RAM for User.Largest contiguous memory gap = 671228 bytes (64%).
This means 671 Kbytes (64 % of 1048 Kbytes)  remained still for user.1048 Kbytes include variables (Retain, Persistent and mappable memory addressess from
%MW0 to %MW999 ), Application, Libraries, and symbols .

With "Memory area 4 contains data and code" user can check the size of application.
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