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Is there any cicode functions or test procedures available to measure the PLC application response time i.e. change from PLC input to SCADA display or from SCADA page display update time (in seconds).

There is no in-built cicode or function available in Vijeo Citect SCADA to get the response time from the device in SCADA but you can get some of these details from the Citect`s Kernel window where in the View >> IO Device you will get the IO Device informations like scan time -- min, max, avg values .

Similarly you can get the typical response time for a page update. As Citect uses dynamic optimization, the response time will vary depending on the page you are displaying and other background activity like alarms, trends and reports. This information can be found in the Citect kernel window by displaying PAGE TABLE STATS. The following line 'Citect 0' show the statistics for the page (0) window. The average response time (show below as 0.265 seconds) is the best indication of response times.

Name (Cycle) Min Max Avg (exec) Min Max Avg Count
Citect 0 0.101 1.675 0.265 0.001 0.239 0.003 140

For full details on PAGE TABLE STATS  you can check the kernel commands help file where you will get the details for using the kernel commands . To get the kernel commands help kindly navigate from the Citect Explorer >> Help >> PC Based help >> Using Vijeo Citect > Monitoring and Debugging Runtime > Using the Kernel > Kernel commands

The TAGS is the total number of variable tags defined in the system. This includes DISK and Memory PLC tags, but does not include local cicode tags. If you have a single Project with no includes,this is the number of records in the TAG database. If you have lots of includes, the easily way to count the tags is to run Vijeo Citect and display in the kernel PAGE RDB _VARIABL. Then press PgDn 10 times to display the table _VARIABL.Variabl. The following text will be displayed:

Table _VARIABL.Variabl
Handle 120 Length 000116 Offset 000000.000000 Base 00b3:ffffdd98

The Length (show here as 000116) is the number of tags in your project.

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