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What causes Unity massage "E1225 DFB cannot access EBOOL variable mapped to State Ram on Quantum target, unlocated EBOOL required"

In the Quantum platform, there is a limitation for the EBOOL arrays used as outputs on a DFB.

The EBOOL type contains 3 values: Value, History bit and Force Status. In a Quantum PLC, these 3 values have their own memory regions:

For example,
· value: 1..1000
· history bit 1001..2000
· force status 2001..3000

As a result, %M1 uses 1, 1001 and 2001.

That is why you would need 3 pointers for the Quantum to address the values and that is why EBOOL located arrays are not possible with Quantum CPUs.

Alternatively tie the output pin of the DFB to a COPY_AREBOOL_AREBOOL block, moving the unlocated EBOOL array to a located AREBOOL array.

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