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What is difference between "Emergency stop operaton" and "Emergency switching off" operation of Emergency stop push-button

Emergency stop operation is “an emergency operation intended to stop a process or a movement that has become hazardous”. It is part of the emergency stop function system of the machine.

Emergency switching off operation is “an emergency operation intended to switch off the supply of electrical energy to all or part of an installation where a risk of electric shock or another risk of electrical origin is involved ". It is directly linked to risk of electrical origin, related to the machine or not.

For Emergency Stop  Trigger Action Pushbutton, yellow  color  Circular legend  with  triangular  marks must be always there which indicates the conformity  to standard EN/IEC 60204-1 and EN/ISO 13850:2006 
Emergency Switching off Pushbutton, user can select circular legend without triangular marks.
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