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Why CAn- [CANOpen] parameter can not be seen in Fr1-[Ref.1 channel] selection list of CtL- [command] menu of Altivar 32

The Altivar 32 can be connected to a CANopen network by several ways:
• The first solution is to use a CANopen communication adapter that can be locked in the option slot of the drive 

  VW3 A3 608 - Dual RJ45 Module
  VW3 A3 618- CANOpen connection with SUBD9
  VW3 A3 628 - Open style 5 pole connector

• The second solution is to use the communication base port in the front of the drive (Integrated port)
CAn- [CANOpen] parameter is not visible in Fr1- [Ref.1 channel] selection list of CtL- [command] menu when any of the communication option card except  CANOpen communication adapters VW3A3608, VW3A3618 and VW3A3628 is inserted into Altivar 32. 

Communication option boards for Altivar 32 drives that makes CAn- [CANopen] parameter invisible are as below

Modbus TCP, Ethernet I/P network communication card - VW3A3616
Profibus DP V1 communication  card - VW3A3607
DeviceNet communication card - VW3A3609
Ethercat communication card - VW3A3601

Reason behind this is CANOpen base port of Altivar 32 will become inactive when above listed any optional communication card is inserted into Altivar 32
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