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How to reset BMX NOR module to default user id and password.

The passowrds can be reset using Web Designer.  The module ships with a CD for Web Designer. Following are the instructions to reset passwords :-

1. In the browser, select the target.
2. In the Target menu, click Properties. Result: the Target Properties window appears.
3. Select Security. Result: a popup window appears.  
4. Click Modify to change a password. Result: the Password window appears.  
5. Enter a new password and confirm it by typing it in the Confirm new password field. If it's an HTTP password, the login is also requested.
6. Click OK in the Password window. Note: if you leave any fields empty during the modification, you will be asked to confirm the replacement of the current password by an empty password.
7. Repeat actions 4...6 for each password to modify.
8. Click OK in the Properties window of the target to close the window.


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