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What is the use of OPC protocol and how to use this OPC protocol with Vijeo Citect SCADA

OPC is a open protocol for communication like Modbus and using this protocol we can be able to communicate with third party PLC`s, SCADA or DCS systems as most of the manufactures will supports this protocol. When you communicate VJC (Vijeo Citect SCADA) on OPC then you have two options either to make VJC SCADA as OPC Server and other 3rd party device will be able to access the SCADA data as OPC Client. Other way is to configure VJC SCADA as OPC client and then VJC can share or access it`s tag data from other OPC Server. For both ways there is a different way of communication. DCOM setting configuration is required (on both the computers) if data is sharing on remote systems.

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