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How can I perform the "start test" function on an XUSLA light curtain monitored by an XPSMP configurable module?

Test mode function: This function is neither mandatory nor critical since the XUSLx light curtain has a continuous self-test function (type 4 safety).

However, the test function can sometimes be activated when necessary, to check not only the light curtain, but the machine's entire safety system. It works as follows:


·          Red (test) LED lights up on the transmitter

·          Safety outputs open on the XUSLx light curtain (OSSD) and the red LED lights up on the receiver

The light curtain is supplied with the test function disabled (shunt across terminals 5 and 6).

This function is not initialized by the XPSMPxx module (as was the case with the old GLAx and GLCx devices). There are two possible solutions for activating it:


·          Once the XPSMP module has been restarted either use your hand or the test rod to obscure the beams.

·          Controlling the light curtain's test function by a special "curtain test" button, which, if required, can be managed by the machine's PLC.


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