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What are the initial configuration of PM5500 series meter’s for verifying Ethernet communication

 The initial configuration of your meter’s using the following steps for default Ethernet settings;
1.   Configure PC/Laptop to use a static IP of  (NOTE:  If you are using a laptop, disable the wireless connection prior to following this procedure) 
a.   If you are using Windows 7… 
i.   Click Start         
ii.   Click Control Panel 
iii.   Click Network and Sharing Center 
iv.   Select the Active Connection (Local area connection)
v.   Click Properties 
vi.   Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) 
vii.   Click Properties 
viii.   Click “Use the following IP Address” 
ix.   In the IP address field type
x.    Subnet and Gateway same as meter configured
xi.   Click OK
2. Use an Ethernet cable to connect the computer to one of the meter’s Ethernet ports. (cross over cable without converter)
3. In windows, click start button to Run ...icon
4. Type "cmd" into dialog box and click OK
5. Type the word "ping" and then IP address of the meter
   i.e ping
6. Press the Enter key
7. Text should appear "Reply from bytes=32 time=4ms TTL=60"
8.  Open a web browser and enter in the address field.
9.   Log in to the meter webpages. The default login values are:
—  Username = user1
—  Password = pass1
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