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How to program the demand lower limit and upper limit to digital output of PowerLogic PM5000 series meter

The digital output port D1 (PM5100 series meter) and  D1 & D2 (PM5300, PM5500 series meter) can be configured using the front panel or ION Setup.
NOTE: It is recommended you use ION Setup to configure the digital outputs, as setup parameters that require text entry can only be modified using software.
You can use ION Setup to configure the digital outputs;
1.  Start ION Setup.
2.  Connect to your meter
3.  Navigate to I/O configuration > I/O Setup.
4.  Select a digital output to configure and click Edit. The setup screen for that digital output is displayed.
5.  Enter a descriptive name for the digital output’s Label.
6.  Select alarm "over present active power demand" and select upper and lower limit and assign the relay output.
7.  Configure the other setup parameters as required (refer attached table);
8.  Click Send to save your
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