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Could you explain what the parameter FLC1 means ?

FLC1 is used to set the value of nominal current regarding the range of TesysT. For example if you have a TesysT range 8 amps (LTMR08***) and a motor 2 amps nominal current you set the FLC1 to 25% because the current of the motor in this example is the quarter of the full load current here 8 amps. When you put 25% in FLC1 this is means that the current in the register 466 (value of current in percent) take the value of 100% when you reach 25% of the range of TesysT.
The purpose of FLC1 is to set the level of current where you are at the nominal current regarding the range of the TesysT.
Last example : Motor of 2.7 amps with range of TesysT LTMR27*** so you set the FLC1 to 10% to have 100% in the register 466. We create this parameter (FLC1) to set all the product and level of thermal fault regarding the nominal current.
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