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What are the part numbers of the limit switches able to withstand a temperature of +250 degrees?

Although there were, historically, a few special limit switches in our range which could withstand 250 degrees C, there are currently none commercialized in the UK. For reference purposes the relevant numbers are listed below. At the time of writing, it would not be possible to order these through normal channels.

It may be possible to re-instate some of these numbers, particularly if substantial numbers are required but it will be necessary to contact UK Technical Support on 0870 608 8608 to discuss the possible options that prevail.

Slow-break switches
XC1BE21 With roller plunger,      1 N/C
XC1BE22 With roller plunger,      1 N/O
XC1BE52 With reinforced lever,        1 N/O
XC1BE73 With roller lever,      1 C/O
XC1BE83 With roller lever sealed against fine dust, 1 C/O
Quick-break switches
XC2SB71 With roller lever, 1 C/O
XC2SB72 With roller lever, 2 C/O
XC2SB81 With roller lever sealed against fine dust, 1 C/O
XC2SB82 With roller lever sealed against fine dust, 2 C/O

The shapes, sizes and travel are detailed in the attachment
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