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Can i communicate M340 CPU with a SQL server

The M340 cpu's you have Class 2 web services included within them, with this you can only view basic information of the cpu via web pages, there is no option for SQL interface. However with Factory Cast M340 NOE module communication to SQL server is possible using SOAP Web service in the modules. FactoryCast SOAP Web services act as SOAP server interfaces. They allow design client applications that can exchange data directly with FactoryCast Web servers. Applications such as Microsoft.NET, SQL Server, Microsoft Office, IBM (WebSphere), SUN (Java, Eclipse), Lotus, Oracle, SAP, MES, ERP and so forth can be interfaced directly with FactoryCast using SOAP Web services.  
Three types of web services are provided in FactoryCast modules as SOAP server interfaces: 
ModbusXMLDA: Web service to implement data access to Modbus variables 
SymbolicXMLDA: Web service to implement Symbolic data access 
ExtendedSymbolicXMLDA: Web service to extend Symbolic data access to Unity Pro. 
The Web services provided by FactoryCast are compatible with the WS-I basic profile 1.1. 
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