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How to resolve the installation error with Vijeo Historian V4.50 "This Setup does not support SQL Server 2012 installation . Do you want to continue with Historian SQL installation ".

This error mostly occurs if we install the SQL Server 2012 which is provided by default Historian V4.50 as the default SQL Server is 2012 is 64 bit compatible on a Windows 7 32-bit OS system . 
So you can download the 32-bit SQL Server 2012 from Citect`s website (attached snapshot for the weblink) 

As the Historian applications need be run in 32bit mode. The following setting needs to be enabled. If the installer fails to enable this setting for whatever reason, the error message will appear and interrupt the installation. The solution is simply: 
1. Open up the IIS console in Administrative tools 
2. Navigate to the Application Pools to change the settings for the 2 AppPool shown in the red square. 
3. Look for the DefaultAppPool, click Advanced Settings and change "Enable 32-Bit Applications" to True. 
4. Restart IIS by using the cmd command "iisreset" in cmd(start menu -> type in "cmd" and then hit Enter) 
5. Attempt to install Historian again. You should not see this error anymore. 
*Note: Make sure no other essential applications are still in need of IIS when you reset it. Check with your local IT administrator if you are unsure 
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