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What is the meaning of the usage of the Compact NSX circuit breaker in temperature between -35 deg.C and -25 deg.C whereas ambient temperature is defined as between -25deg.C to +70deg.C

Schneider Electric warantee the specifications of the product according catalogue characteristics for ambient temperature within -25 deg to +70 deg. (with respect of the derating when indicated).
Exceptionally, the circuit breaker may be put into service when the ambient temperature is between -35 deg to -25 deg, but with an enlargement of tolerance. (mechanical and electrical closing guaranteed without untimely opening and with protection functions insured but with an enlargement of tolerances.)
Between - 35 °C and -25 °C, operating tolerances can be increased, the auxiliaries (undervoltage release, shunt trip release, motor mechanism, etc) are working but their operation thresholds may not comply with standard values (which are specified for temperature between -5° and + 40°C).
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