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How can you do a fault reset through hardwire logic input and over the network using the communications card on the ATV61 and ATV71 drives?

 ATV61/71 drive with a communications card how can you do a fault reset via LIx input and via over then network?

Product Line:
All serial numbers for ATV61/71 with communications card in IO profile.
Needs to have a way to reset the fault over the network and using a logic input using an ethernet TCPIP card in IO Profile.
1. Set Profile to I/O Profile
    Drive Menu > 1.6 Command > Profile

2. Assign Command Switching
    Drive Menu > 1.6 Command > CMD Switching LI3
    Drive Menu > 1.6 CMD channel 1 Com card
    Drive Menu > 1.6 CMD channel 2 Terminal  card
3. Set Fault Reset to CD01 to CD15
    Drive Menu > 1.8 Fault Management > Fault Reset  LI4
Note: In order to enable fault reset using a logic input (LI4 for example) you have to be in terminal mode not networking.

The Theory is you have to command switch and put the drive back in terminal mode to reset the faults using logic input LI4.
The logic will look like this
LI3 CMD switching is low or off drive can reset the drive from CMD word bit CD01 to CD15 programmable bits 1 thru 15.
LI3 CMD switching is high or on the drives is now in terminal mode so your logic input assigned fault reset will be active.
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