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While communicating one Energy Meter EM6436 via ETG, in Vijeo Citect SCADA the MODNET IO device was showing offline and there was #BAD showing in runtime screen. How to resolve this error.

To communicate Vijeo Citect SCADA with an Energy Meter EM6436 you need to put the INI parameters in your VJC system . There may be a difference in the default parameters in Modnet driver version,  so you need to do this settings for example :

[MODNET]InitVar= 3900 (any address register available in the device)
[MODNET]InitVarType = 3 (for reading input registers)
[MODNET] LongDataType = 1 

These register are required to initialize the Modnet Driver if citect would be able to read this register on startup it will only then initialize the communiation with device.
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