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Can I use Web Server by using broadband connection for displaying Vijeo Citect SCADA screens in web clients.

To configure and use a VJC as Web Server, so that you can access the VJC IOServer from over the internet , you need to consider first that you should first have a Static IP for your IO Server / Web Server machine. To achieve this you can use a router where you can set the routing table(port forwading) in the router to map the internet IP address directly to the IO Server address.

The need for the static IP address is required as when you connect a modem on internet it acquires a ip address so you need to use that ip address in your VJC web deployment and if your internet got disconnected and again you connect your internet with modem then your IP address again got changed and then you need to change this web deployment everytime. So a router is required when you were going to connect your IO Server over internet so that a permanenet IP address will remains same for the IO Server machine. 
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