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How can i format the M340 CPU SD memory card

Follow the below procedure to format M340 CPU SD card :- 

1. Connect to M340 and make sure the Unity project is Equal, Run and Built.

2. Stop the PLC.
3. Open SD card door and make sure LED is ON.
4. Open the Animation Table Window.
5. Add system word %SW93.0 and %SW93.1.
6. Turn on the Modification button.
7. Enter value 1 for %SW93.0
8. (This will start the format of the SD card then that value will change back to 0 and the value of %SW93.1 will go from 0 to 1 to indicate the 
format has completed successfully).
9. When completed enter value of 0 for both %SW93.0 and %SW93.1.
10. Start PLC.
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