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How to do Peer to Peer communication in Modicon Quantum Safety PLC

The Ethernet module 140 NOE 77111 is certified as non-interfering product for use in the Quantum Safety PLC. The communication can be either peer-to-peer or as global data. You can also use CPU port for Peer to peer communication. The peer-to-peer communication is configured in Unity Pro XLS in the Ethernet network configuration, independently for reading and writing. Unity Pro XLS checks that reading uses only the unrestricted memory area. It creates an error and does not generate code if this rule is not obeyed. The IO scanning service for safe peer-to-peer communication is used for data transportation: 

. from DATA_SAFE array (S_WR_ETH output parameter) in the Safety memory of the sender PLC.
. to the INPUT_DATA array (S_RD_ETH input parameter) in the unrestricted memory of the receiver PLC.
The IO scanning service is configured in Unity Pro XLS in the Ethernet network configuration of the sender PLC. The Ethernet network used for IO scanning can be either connected to the Ethernet port of the CPU or to an Ethernet
module (140 NOE 771 11).
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