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How can I configure auto printing in Vijeo Citect 7.40 so that whenever an alarm is triggered on my dot matrix printer.

Below is a procedure how to configure a printer to print alarm. 

Go to project editor >> System >>  Devices and define the LPT1DOS device as below :- 

Name: LPT1DOS 
Format: {TIME,8}^t{TAG,10}^t{NAME,20}^t{COMMENT,30} 
File name: LPT1.DOS 

Now in the alarm categories define this device in log section. 
This will directly printout alarms on the LPT port. 

The following parameter should be set in the citect.ini (or via Computer Setup Editor): 
[Device]LptToSpool = FALSE 

For printing some particular amount of alarms you can defined your alarm summary page a send a screenshot of your alarm page to the printer you can use the cicode function winprint(). 
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