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Why can I see HMISCU in SoMachine but not as Target in standalone Vijeo Designer. What is the minimum requirement of software for HMISCU.

HMISCU is a product that has the combination of PLC as well as HMI display in one box. 

This is the reason that it can be program by SoMachine for both PLC and HMI (Vijeo Designer launched by SoMachine). Whenever you select the target PLC as HMISCU in SoMachine it will automatically create an application in SoMachine for PLC and HMI target on Vijeo Designer (target selected as per the model select in SoMachine). So you will see two window SoMachine and Vijeo Designer. 

Standalone HMI application has no significant application in HMI that is the reason it is not available in standalone Vijeo Designer. You will have to create a project in SoMachine. 

As far as the minimum requirement is concern the Minimum version required is SoMachine V3.1 with Vijeo Designer V6.1 Service Pack 3. 
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